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New Year, New Look! I right?!

I am so thankful that it is over but I am even more thankful for the lessons it taught me. Lessons about faith, family, business, and life. I was thankful for the time to ponder just what I wanted this business to look like and how it would function. I know I usually say "I am tired of being like everyone....blah blah." Sure, I do a lot of things similarly to others but what sets me apart now I think is that this is to become my passion...not pursuit. I am not doing this to become the best in T-town or get a million clients. I'm doing this for my own sanity and joy and to meet authentic people when they book me. I am beyond excited for what this year will bring and I hope you are too!

Who am I?

My friends call me Ang. I am a bit quirky and can be a rebel without a cause most days. I live in Tulsa with my best friend turned husband, Justin. We grew up together and have learned how to love each other through years of patience, hard introspective work, and MANY prayers for each other. We have two huskies named Atticus and Gibson and they keep us entertained and busy most days. Their favorite past time is to dig up the yard and terrorize the neighbors dogs. But they're good ol' boys (most days).

Dance is my other passion and I teach ballet at Jenks Dance Academy. I always wanted to be in a prestigious ballet company growing up...but the expectations I put on myself were too high, and I lost sight of how my dancing was supposed to be a joyful expression. After a period of pain and hardship I went down a different path and fell in love with teaching ballet to girls of all ages and sizes and haven't looked back.

What Angelyn Moura Photography (AMP) is About

I am obsessed with people and what makes them uniquely themselves. While I am an introvert by nature I love spending quality time with people and learning about their stories or outlook on life. I want the people I photograph to feel "seen" and "valued".

This last year I started my senior representative program, or my "Senior Squad". I have some AMAZING seniors this year and have learned so much from them already about how to make guys and gals their age feel "seen". It has been a growing experience as a photographer and person to put myself out there and start something from the ground-up!

Dance is something I absolutely love capturing. I feel like I'm alive watching dancers move through my lens. Timing is everything in this type of shooting and since I have training in all kinds of dance I use that to my advantage to be able to capture just the right moment on stage, in the studio, or even out and about!

Setting the scene or making a themed shoot is something I am always up for as a photographer. Mini-Sessions are also something I want to do more of. There's just something exciting about gathering all the materials and using another outlet of creative expression to bring something different to the table. Families have it easy as well to be able to come and relax and enjoy something already set up for them to do!

Natural Light is my go to and what I deem the most telling when capturing an artistic image. There is just something so magical about not being able to change "settings" or add tricks to make the photograph "look better". I think the sun can be a challenge yes, but it's so much more fulfilling to be able to use it to make the ideal location look magical. It can also make me as an artist look for different angles and opportunities to use my surroundings to make the family, couple, or baby look unique and authentic...frozen in time to always be remembered.

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